The beauty of Destruction! The love of us.


I get confused, whenever i think about you
Somehow you have this attraction over me

You make my legs go weak
And let me fall for you
My heart pumping faster
Making this love strong
No breath, CO2 blows out away
And they just remain silent, my eyes
These eyes dark earths starts revolving around your soul searching for the signs of me

Around you i feel like a child
With a shaky hands
Wants to be near you, oh very much
But there’s this fear of loosing you
My heart saying out loud about our love

You say with such a love
I wonder if I will be ever by your side, so we could be matched up
I am against you like equals, black
I am against white, making pivots around my head

We are like this tycoon,
Falling everything on our path
You are like the earthquake,
Causing my earthy eyes quakes in my very being
I am like the tsunami,
Saying everything you touch within my soul

For you.

Of all the destruction,
Lets create a beauty of it,
Starting by taking my hand?

Reuniting the pencil and paper
Sky and land
Water and fire
Creating and destructing

So only one remains
Two of us
The love of us

The beauty of Destruction! The love of us.

13 thoughts on “The beauty of Destruction! The love of us.

  1. I’ve just found your comment in my spam box. But I am really glad I’ve found it. Your poem is so beautiful. Love is what it is due to the people like you 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

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