Death! Fear of nothing now.

I should die alone,
And sure you should live along,
Along with him,
Along with your friends
Along with your family
Along with your BEST FRIENDS
Death time should be when others sleep
I will make sure i will keep that secrets deep
Pain should be low,
Not gained gain but i was in pain,
One might should stand with my depart
As making friends was my art,
Odds from the below,
Even harsh truths to be swallowed.
This life sure will continue,
And the birds will fly.
This is so much easy..
As there is no one to cry.
That gentlemen died so smilingly in peace
As I have no one to please.

Death! Fear of nothing now.

12 thoughts on “Death! Fear of nothing now.

      1. That Random Guy says:

        What else i am supposed to say.. that i want to die..? Die cause i feel alone die cause for stupid reasons. Only wrote and i am fine now thanks.

        Liked by 1 person

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