I dont wanna feel forever

If we never met I would never known
you ever existed,
I know it may sound cruel of me
talking this away, but no one understands
the pain you gave,
I wouldn’t be so fearful if you never existed,
you scared my heart from the start,
I just didn’t know it at the time,
I was so blind by your lies,
but I feel it all now,
the cuts digging deeper down inside my heart,
you give me darken dreams
that made me scream,
I seen things I never expected to see,
on that cold September night,
The rain poured down into my life,
I know I’m scared of you,
when I see, you standing in front of me,
Your eyes so piecing, cutting into the night
Oh, how you give so much fright,
The weakest part of it all,
I once started believing you lies,
even when I know what you say wasn’t true,
I also know this isn’t true,
I once felt love for you,
But that sounds crazy to,
I didn’t expect to see you again,
but every September there you are
Playing around on my heart,
I can only hope for this nightmare to end.

I dont wanna feel forever….

until you come back home.

I dont wanna feel forever

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