it’s home my friend. It’s home.

A single word can fill you

With a thousand feelings
And memories.
Some are warm, happy,
Fuzzy feelings that you enjoy;
Others… not so much.
Yelling, pain, insults;
Dysfunction, blame, guilt.
But “family” is not always
The same thing as home.
Sometimes home is a person,
Who makes you feel loved.
They make you feel wanted
And secure in their embrace.
They give you those happy, fuzzy
Feelings and light thoughts
On your dark days.
And you, my friend…
You are home to me.

it’s home my friend. It’s home.

What drugs are you on?

Craziness, blood vomits, restlessness, severe anxiety, insomnia, depression & panic attacks.
Anyother thing left? Asked the doctor…


What drugs do you use? Leave them.
Drugs? It might be a mere thing.

“Her memories”, he replied and walked in the deep darkness.

What drugs are you on?

Let me live again

​Am I to wait then , my liege 

for the light of death to reveal

your shining face ,

when I can see , my wants and needs 

turn to ashes like the salt in the sea.

Have I the strength to follow thee ?

dive into the wells of despair ,

slip through the fangs of ecstasy …
I can see , I can see !

a lick of fire I may be 

but magnificent is your world with its poorest riches.
rare is its lowest of seats

rare is its cruelest of thieves

rare is the silence that I am yet to hear

rare are the tears,the pain and the fears
let me live again 

only those moments that was spent with you…

Memories remember?
~That Random Guy

Let me live again

Dear YouIDesigner

I close my eyes

I see a street 

Where I walked with you

Under the moon

Streets now

Have changed

People have changed

but saw someone standing there

in the dark.

‘my days were dark before as the nights’

And I can not even see you

Somebody has stolen the moon

Some one stole the sun

Clouds they gather

And cry for some one

it was raining

raining heavily

Some one fired a gun

I fell on my knees

I wanted to scream your name

In a screaming silence 

I’m yelling please

but i was quite







Streets have changed 

People have changed

I can see you

Am i missing you or an illusion

You it was you

yes you are YOU

who is special

for me







Had a dream last night

So cold and so lonely

(but you were there)

There was no light

(but a ray of hope)

No one with me

(you were right there)

You thought you are lonely

(3years and counting I will be forever with you)

So together? 

~That Random Guy

Dear YouIDesigner

Wait Wait Wait

​If anyone takes anything from me in this life time I hope it is the fact that you don’t have to have everything figured out.

You will fail.

You will succeed.

You will be great. 

Don’t live your life according to other peoples expectations of you. 

You are YOU.

Fall in love with yourself and wait for someone who makes all of the hairs on your body stand up, because once you fall in love with yourself you will know the true love of another when you can feel it dancing across your skin when they speak your name.

Let love consume you in every way. 

To be loved and to know love in return is happiness.

Wait for it.

Wait Wait Wait

Miracle it will be

​Neither as a friend or a lover.  

Just from one person to another. 

To be the next chance that you take. 

Your heart shall not break. 

To give you the world.  

You’ll be my #1 girl. 

From acquaintances to friends. 

Then lovers to the end. 

This shall not be in any rush. 

Hopefully this poem will make you blush. 

Your flawless and perfect face. 

And your wise and artistic taste. 

If the world does not make your day. 

I’ll bring you the moon right away. 

Let’s put the past behind us and enjoy the future. 

To prep you for my love I shall be your tutor. 

To be your next chance to make things right. 

If I can be your next chance I’ll change your life. 

To take a chance is to make a change which is very difficult. 

But in the future if you take this chance and make this change we shall be each others miracle. 

Miracle it will be

That Worst Guy

It was raining when she first saw him

But she wont know that he will make her dim

She initiates and waved him hii

But she wont know he is the worst guy

She feels low nd he tries to make her high 

Everytime she thinks is he real or just a lie

Time passes nd they get so close

Worst guy smile nd forget  his flaws

They started loving each other nd goes for ride 

But they wont know thier ways will be seperated nd wide

Togther they are happy togther they are cute

But time is almighty it knows how to distribute

She still give him her love nd her hearts crown 

But worst guy always let her down

She still considered  him as world best boy friend

But he is coward which crushes his dreams into sand

Now she is tired after giving love for 3 yrs

Cause worst guy in reply always gives her tears

Now she left him with his guilt

Its hard to recover and again build

He should be punish he should be die 

This my story i am that worst guy


That Worst Guy