I dont wanna feel forever

If we never met I would never known
you ever existed,
I know it may sound cruel of me
talking this away, but no one understands
the pain you gave,
I wouldn’t be so fearful if you never existed,
you scared my heart from the start,
I just didn’t know it at the time,
I was so blind by your lies,
but I feel it all now,
the cuts digging deeper down inside my heart,
you give me darken dreams
that made me scream,
I seen things I never expected to see,
on that cold September night,
The rain poured down into my life,
I know I’m scared of you,
when I see, you standing in front of me,
Your eyes so piecing, cutting into the night
Oh, how you give so much fright,
The weakest part of it all,
I once started believing you lies,
even when I know what you say wasn’t true,
I also know this isn’t true,
I once felt love for you,
But that sounds crazy to,
I didn’t expect to see you again,
but every September there you are
Playing around on my heart,
I can only hope for this nightmare to end.

I dont wanna feel forever….

until you come back home.

I dont wanna feel forever



What happened between you two? ~they asked

nothing, we both are good 😀 ~I replied



others knowingly know

neither of us trying to make things slow


Save this

Relationship he screamed


Love ? Where are you?


Everything is fine…

Everything will be okay..

Just lets not delay…

I miss your smile…

I miss your talks…

I miss you cause I love you…



~Random Thought


That Worst Guy

It was raining when she first saw him

But she wont know that he will make her dim

She initiates and waved him hii

But she wont know he is the worst guy

She feels low nd he tries to make her high 

Everytime she thinks is he real or just a lie

Time passes nd they get so close

Worst guy smile nd forget  his flaws

They started loving each other nd goes for ride 

But they wont know thier ways will be seperated nd wide

Togther they are happy togther they are cute

But time is almighty it knows how to distribute

She still give him her love nd her hearts crown 

But worst guy always let her down

She still considered  him as world best boy friend

But he is coward which crushes his dreams into sand

Now she is tired after giving love for 3 yrs

Cause worst guy in reply always gives her tears

Now she left him with his guilt

Its hard to recover and again build

He should be punish he should be die 

This my story i am that worst guy



That Worst Guy

That Random Phone Call

​Random call at night

It was your voice
this late night phone call

& your voice

showing the care

like the waves
this late night phone call

& your voice

echoed in empty rooms

passing the walls
walls built around me
this late night phone call

& your voice

status in my heart

ever forever…
this late night phone call

& your voice
late night phone call

& your voice

softly speaking here and there 

but do others really understand

you showed how much we actually care…
I want to lead to a way 

meet you again, walk together 

hand in hand…

and just
your voice
this late night phone call

& your voice
~that random guy

That Random Phone Call

Warrior indeed, he must come back.

Numbers of battles he faced
Until now
With a broken heart and cracked sword
Fought, with all its might
Pushing down enemies left and right
For his Queen, to clear the path.

Time for a new one?
Talking about his sword.
But it is just a tool, used to pushdown
Will it matter, if he replace?
Remember broken is a word
Sided with mistake.

Look at the blade
It is now dull,
Sharpness gone
Look at the handle there is a crack
Warrior. Does he need to move on?
A need for a weapon on his back?
But yes
A need for love along his side.

So he goes in the red land
In the search of new
Finally he finds
But it is not his
Queen traveled with someone
Only he could do is miss.
Only the sword is broken
So is his trust
his character, his love
Turned into the rust.

Desperately, he runs in the back
To save the heart that broke
He knows it can be loved
He knows it can be repaired
But his love was shared.
His journey, not passion
Is left with a path
Warrior having a blood bath.

Sword he found
He was looking for
Love he found
He was craving for
It was sharp
You may call it the sword
It crossed the heart of the warrior
Killing him, it was her use for

Warrior indeed, he must come back
Lover indeed, he must walk on that betrayal love track.

But if this is love
Warrior indeed, he must come back.

Warrior indeed, he must come back.

Isn’t it one sided?


You provide her love
She feels it
No matter how busy you are
You’re continuously there for her with a scar

isn’t it one sided?

You give time
but she is too busy
tried to make her laugh
but that’s still not easy.

why am I doing so?

isn’t it one sided?

Why am I expecting?
Why am I waiting?
But I love her. don’t I?

You care for her. Dont I?

isn’t it one sided?

Is this love true? when you can’t be with her.

Remember, this is one-sided.

Isn’t it?

Please tell me you love me,
You are sparkle to my eyes,
Leaving my love behind you,
love you more than those other guys.

Show me how much i love you,
Say it through your eyes,
Hurting is mere expression,
Say the expression of love as you are mine.

But still you dont.

isn’t it one sided?

Isn’t it?

Isn’t it one sided?