I dont wanna feel forever

If we never met I would never known
you ever existed,
I know it may sound cruel of me
talking this away, but no one understands
the pain you gave,
I wouldn’t be so fearful if you never existed,
you scared my heart from the start,
I just didn’t know it at the time,
I was so blind by your lies,
but I feel it all now,
the cuts digging deeper down inside my heart,
you give me darken dreams
that made me scream,
I seen things I never expected to see,
on that cold September night,
The rain poured down into my life,
I know I’m scared of you,
when I see, you standing in front of me,
Your eyes so piecing, cutting into the night
Oh, how you give so much fright,
The weakest part of it all,
I once started believing you lies,
even when I know what you say wasn’t true,
I also know this isn’t true,
I once felt love for you,
But that sounds crazy to,
I didn’t expect to see you again,
but every September there you are
Playing around on my heart,
I can only hope for this nightmare to end.

I dont wanna feel forever….

until you come back home.

I dont wanna feel forever


I left it here,
came back
a different person
searching for the same object.

Three years
of moving back and forth
searching for it,
frantically blind
in every nook and cranny,
in eyes filled with words only
I couldn’t read,
in corners, seams,
damn even
web-like cracks on the walls.

I kept searching
til it drove me

They say lost objects show themselves
by the time you’ve stopped searching,
so I did.

I stopped searching,
see it’s already lost.

We are both lost.

I don’t know where to find it,
and I don’t think it still remembers
its way
back to me.

I am sure I will get it one day just a broken piece I will take care the rest.



What happened between you two? ~they asked

nothing, we both are good 😀 ~I replied



others knowingly know

neither of us trying to make things slow


Save this

Relationship he screamed


Love ? Where are you?


Everything is fine…

Everything will be okay..

Just lets not delay…

I miss your smile…

I miss your talks…

I miss you cause I love you…



~Random Thought


Lust turned dust When we were loved..

Can’t believe my eyes
Even above from the skies
But she is mine, Yes she is mine..
Lust turned dust
When we were loved..

A dream to chase
A dream to love
She is the angel sent from above
Lust turned dust
When we were loved

Stronger her legs
Stronger her soul
Delicious are her breast
But love they call
And there is the Heaven
Where there is love
Lust turned dust
When we were loved

Can’t believe these eyes
What i saw
My heart is saying
This is the love raw
I tender to kiss
But i would miss
Lust turned dust
When we were loved

She knows my love
Though we are apart miles
Making her love is my style
She wishes this, She wishes that
I’ll make love on her, as long as her heart smiles…

Lust turned dust
When we were loved..

~That Random Guy

Lust turned dust When we were loved..